12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway for Wellness Professionals

The 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Gift Giveaway for Wellness Professionals

Get your goodies right here! 

Biz Coach Lesli Bitel, has personally curated a hand-selected list of her favorite thought leaders and wellness practitioners …  and asked them to each contribute a resource designed for your TRANSFORMATION and BUSINESS SUCCESS!

Free Downloads for Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Professionals:
    • 7 Critical Keys to a Profitable Practice valued at $47 – from Lesli Bitel at Lesli Bitel International LLC
    • Sweet Taste Bud Program & Added Sugar Evaluation valued at $375 – from Ashley Koff at The Better Nutrition Group
    • Communicating Your Value eBook valued at $79 – from Stacey Dunn-Emke at Nutrition Jobs
    • The $100K Brand Formula valued at $47 – from Whitney Bateson
    • 5 Easy Steps to Hack Labs for Optimal Health Workbook valued at $105 – from Jill White at Innovate Wellness
    • Six Food Elimination Diet (SFED) eBook valued at $45 – from Sheila Dean & Kathie Swift at Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy 
    • Getting Started Checklist valued at $19.99 – from Katie Dodd at Dietitian Side Hustle
    • Guide to Freelance Writing for the RD valued at $37 – from Ana Reisdorf 
    • How to Take Great Recipe Photos Guide and entry to win Business Package Review valued at $500 from Jeff Lougheed at Meal Garden
    • Free (up upgraded) Next Level Functional Nutrition Professional Membership valued at up to $99 from Susan Allen of Next Level Functional Nutrition
    • Holiday Social Media Bundle valued at $100 – from Yvette Quantz at Customized Nutrition Newsletters
    • Content to Client Conversion System valued at $27 – from Orly Wachter
    • Legal Master Class – Which Laws Do I Follow When I See Clients Virtually valued at $97 – from Lisa Fraley
    • Systems Biology Starter Kit and Seeking Sleep – Ebooks valued at $50 – from Cindy Carroll at IFN Health
    • The Brand Genius Guide: How To Describe The Brand Called YOU valued at $87 – from Helen Hunter Mackenzie
    • Sell More Online, a Guide for Practitioners + a chance to win a Brand/ Marketing Audit valued at $1500 – from Stephanie Hofhenke at String Marketing.
  • And more!!

Grab your gifts now!

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