2016 Healthy Holiday E-Mail Bundle

Holiday Bundle - Health and Nutrition Articles

Holiday E-mal Newsletters – Health and Nutrition Articles

We are excited to launch the 2016 Healthy Holiday E-Mail Bundle!

For the past 5 years we have been releasing holiday bonus blast for our nutrition newsletters service and last year was the first year we began offering it to businesses who are not regular subscribers of Customized Nutrition Newsletters service.

More exciting things are planned for the 2016 launch as we have over 16 titles of pre-written articles ready to be selected and customized for your business. Our passion lies in helping save you time, so you can do more of the work you love. Which means we understand that there are different approaches when it comes to nutrition, health, and wellness, (after all that is what makes you and your business unique!). This is why we are committed to meeting your needs and providing a variety of content to meet your needs.

In the 2016 release not only will you have the option to choose from at least 4 different topics related to each holiday, but you will also have the option to select a festive header that fits your brand! Each holiday comes with 3 pre-designed headers that you can choose from and if you do not love what we offer you can even upload your own festive header.

Yes, we are that committed to making it that easy.

Check out this video to learn more…


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