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“The Little Black Book of Foodspirations”

Book of Foodspirations - Yvette Quantz

 How to use these “Little Black Books of Foodspirations™”: 
  • Send in the mail with a welcome note after a new client begins to work with you. 
  • Distribute as a holiday gift to clients 
  • Give as a Birthday gift
  • Provide as a promotional giveaway item during a trade show or health fair 
  • Giveaways for clients when they sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog, or “like” your business on Facebook
  • Special “takeaway” for people who attend your seminars  
These books can be personalized with a note from yourself and for a small additional fee can be branded with your custom logo and contact information!
*Books will range from $1.40 – $2.00 a piece, depending on the quantity ordered.  
Pocket sized and divided into seven easy to read sections – each section providing simple, yet practical and educational information.
7 Sections Include (with sample Foodspirations™):
Be Inspired to Live Healthier
“Increase your intake of dark fruits such as black cherries and pomegranates and help reduce inflammation in your body.”
Be Inspired to Drink More Water
“To stay well hydrated drink an extra glass of water for every caffeinated beverage you consume.”
Be Inspired to Move More
“Trying to get in the habit of morning workouts but hitting the snooze button all too often?  Set your alarm clock across the room instead of next to your bed.” 
Be Inspired to Lose Weight
“Looking for an afternoon pick up?  Try green tea.  Not only will green tea help rev up your metabolism as well as give you some cancer fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals but it is also a no calorie beverage.  Compare this to a cup of coffee and cream and you could be easily shaving 50 – 100 calorie”
Be Inspired to Transform Habits
“Sit down and eat your meals.” 
Be Inspired While Living Life
“Be a food snob.  Be choosy with the food you decide to eat.  Avoid the habit of eating everything that is served just because it is there.” 
Be Inspired by Others
“Let’s all start to embrace what is God-given and make the most of our assets.  There is always going to be someone richer, thinner, blonder, and smarter, so stop comparing yourself to others and begin to take stock of yours truly.  A little bit of muscle can do a lot to lift sagging self – confidence.”  – Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD, Owner, Appetite for Health – Tiburon, CA
To order multiple copies of “The Little Black Book of Foodspriations™” to give to family, friends, or clients as gift books – click here (prices range from $1.40 – $2.00 a book depending on quantity ordered) 
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