Dietitian’s Guide to Creating Programs That Drive Results and Revenue – Upcoming Webinar by Yvette

Updaed Bannerstrengthen relationships with their clients, promote their business and increase overall revenue.

The one-hour webinar scheduled to go live on May 10 and 11 will have Yvette, the co-founder of the Acadiana Nutrition Group inspiring you as nutrition specialist to create a program in your practice to build your brand image while increasing the overall revenue.

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Dieticians today are keen to learn how to promote their private practice, but are not sure where to begin. Besides, in their busy schedules, they are hard pressed on time to create compelling content.

Keeping these modern day business needs of dietitians and nutritionists in sharp focus, Yvette will emphasize on the following in the webinar:

  • Why every dietitian should offer programs and packages in their practice
  • What is the difference between a program and a package
  • How to mend the internet and personal communication for the most effective program
  • Tools to create and implement the program
  • How to set boundaries within your program
You will walk away feeling inspired and empowered to create your own program with effortless ease. You will also learn to use the predesigned program REFINE – A comprehensive done-for-you 10-Week Online Nutrition Coaching Program that offers a complete plan, weekly lessons, emails and more to help boost your nutrition practice.

Once you register, you will get a free download of the playbook that you can use to fill out during the webinar.

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