Free Download – How to Create a Lucrative Cash Based Practice

Aren you tired of:

  • Seeing insurance clients that peter out and disappear after only a few sessions…
  • Chasing insurance companies to pay you — or having the expense of a biller which eats into your profits…
  • Knowing others have mastered the cash-pay model – but you just don’t know how to get there!

I know you’ve heard about the incredible freedom and joy that comes from working from yourself.

The dream is REAL!

Nutrition Business Expert, Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN, has helped hundreds of Integrative Functional Dietitians and Nutritionists create lucrative, cash-pay practices and finally free themselves from the insurance shackles.

And I have a GIFT for you, from Lesli to help you do the same!  No strings attached!

Get the “6-Figure Cash Flow Formula” Infographic

This full-color CHEATSHEET will show you the 7 sequential steps that take a person from

Potential Client ==> Paying Client ==> REPEAT Client


  • The 7 essential steps, in order, to create consistent cash flow
  • What action to take at any moment in the sales cycle
  • How to make current clients into repeat buyers
  • How to create lucrative, sustainable income for your wellness business


Grab the “6-Figure Cash Flow Formula” Here

Lesli,is a highly respected coach and mentor who offers info-packed talks, webinars, resources, articles, and more – always FREE – to support Nutrition and Wellness professionals.  Once you grab this immediately-usable Cash Flow Formula, you’ll be invited to Lesli’s BRAND-NEW Webinar: “Clients and Cashflow Infusion: The Who, Where, and How to Book Loyal, High-Paying Clients NOW For Nutrition Professionals” Grab The Cash Flow Formula here!

P.S. Download make sure to download your free Cheat Sheet of Nutrition, Health and Wellness Months here! 

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