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Each month we’ll build and customize your newsletter and send to your list, helping to save even more time while connecting you with your clients on a regular basis.

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.See What’s Included
  • Newsletter Template   Newsletter template customized for your business with business brand including header, logo, colors, contact info, social media links, headshot and bio
  • Recipe of the Month
  • Advanced Segmentation   Create segments based on contact activity, demographic data and past purchase behavior. This helps you deliver highly-targeted messages to your subscribers based on their individual preferences.
  • Pre-written Articles   Access to hundreds of pre-written nutrition, health, and wellness articles
  • Quote of the Month
  • Data-driven Automation   Automate and optimize your email marketing based on data and event-driven triggers. Send emails that drive conversions.
  • Appealing Graphics   Beautiful graphics included in every newsletter.
  • Quick Reference   Quick Reference Content Guide Titles of articles in the CNN database.
  • Personalized Intro   Add your signature to the pre-written intro letter or feel free to customize and edit for your readers!
  • Quick Start Guide   Customized Nutrition Newsletters Quick Start Guide.
  • Seasonal Special Bonus Emails   Seasonal Special Bonus Emails released for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Season and New Year.
  • Featured Article   Nutrition, Health, or Wellness topic of the month
  • A/B Split Testing   Take the guesswork out of email marketing. Understand what works before you send out your campaign. Test anything from subject lines and from-names, to design and content.
  • Advanced Workflows   Easily create workflows customized to buyer journeys. Turn customers into brand advocates.
  • Big Idea   Bullet points or check list summary that compliments the featured topic, giving your readers practical solutions to living a healthier life

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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