Where do you get your articles?

The majority of our articles are written and provided by Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, the visionary with Customized Nutrition Newsletter’s.

We also have relationships with commodity groups, professional associations and well-known icons in the nutrition and wellness communities such as Nancy Clark RD, Molly Kimball RD, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, SCAN, Driscoll’s Berries, and many more. They give us permission to include their articles and in many cases write articles specifically to be added to our database.

What if I practice a unique approach – will I find articles I can use?

We aim to include a variety of credible sources, approaches and philosophies. All our clients practice different approaches and philosophies and we know there is no one-size fits all.

Some practices focus on weight management and medical nutrition therapy, while others may incorporate a more non-diet approach to their nutrition counseling style and work to treat and prevent eating disorders. Still other practices take a holistic, whole health, whole body approach. We aim to have enough content so that clients can customize their newsletters and the messages they are sending out.

We believe that sharing with readers a variety of different nutrition topics helps to keep readers interested as well as market what you as their fitness and/or nutrition professional can do for them and how you can help.

How long does it take to put together a newsletter?

Most clients tell us it takes them no more than 15 minutes to select and order their articles for their newsletter together.  We work hard to make the process is as simple as possible.

We want to do away with sending newsletters that start something like: “Sorry you have not heard from me in a while, I’ve been busy…”  

You will be relieved with how quickly you can put together a high quality newsletter that your subscribers love.

What is unique about your service?

There are many things that separate us from other newsletter services out there.

First, we are not trying to compete with other businesses, instead, we focus on what we are good at and doing it the very best. We are a small company and are able to offer personalized attention to our clients. We focus in the wellness and health area.

We also understand the importance of being visible in front of clients’ and potential clients’ minds. We help make this easy. We want our clients to bring in more business through creating a touch-point in the form of a newsletter that expresses them as a business, makes them look good and is something their clients look forward to receiving.

And lastly, we also realize our client’s time is very limited and aim to keep the process as simple as possible.

What do clients say they like best after using your service?

Most clients are surprised that they get compliments from their clients and more business right away. Many clients also like our inspirational pieces to include in their newsletters and find that including a mix of informational and inspirational results in more client business.

Contact us today to get started sending a regular newsletter that will help you build strong and lasting relationships with your clients and potential clients.