About Customized Nutrition Newsletters

The goal at Customized Nutrition Newsletters is twofold: to assist you in maintaining contact with your clients and to help you build long-term relationships, which results in repeat visits, greater outreach, and increased income. I can help you do all of this in a customized way that reflects your unique practice and brand so that you can spend your time seeing clients!

The Beginning

My first job as a dietitian was in a fitness center. The challenge was that there was no guaranteed salary, meaning I earned what I brought in.

I hated the idea of self-promotion, and marketing flat out scared me, but I knew I had to do it in order to build my practice. Slowly, I started stepping outside my comfort zone. After each new client came in for a visit, I called or emailed them routinely for a brief follow up and to see how they were doing.

I stayed far away from anything sales-y.

I learned that the calls built the foundation for the relationships. Clients really appreciated the “check in,” and many of them scheduled another appointment or sent me a referral.

I found that people wanted to know that I genuinely cared, and I found more success when I focused on building a relationship. They knew that they could trust me and that I wanted to help them be successful.

People Need Follow-ups 

I worked often with other health professionals, such as personal trainers and chiropractors. I observed that their clients expected follow-up appointments, often on a weekly basis.

In nutrition practices, this is typically not the case. Instead, clients often come in mistakenly thinking that, after one session, everything is “fixed.” A follow-up appointment is not expected; you have to work with them to break this “no follow-up” mindset and to convince them to schedule another appointment.

In reality, a relationship cannot be developed in just one session. A relationship takes ongoing interactions.

This is when I started putting into place a regular “touch-point” in the form of a newsletter. Any client I saw, or consumer who was just interested in nutrition, could elect to receive my newsletter. The intent was to continue building a relationship with these people and to be available whenever they were ready to come in for their first consultations or follow-up sessions.

It worked! I more than doubled my bookings by simply keeping in touch with them.

Increasing Income 7x

The main thing I did to jump my monthly income is so simple! However, most businesses are not consistent and do not keep a personal connection with their clients.

I used multiple forms of marketing touch-points: simple e-mails and/or phone calls, a monthly nutrition newsletter, and personal notes that became an early version of my little black book of Foodspirations.

I knew that I couldn’t predict what would be the right message and timing for what each client needed. However, what set me apart was that I was reaching out, connecting with valuable information, and showing I genuinely cared and wanted them to succeed.

Missing Piece in Marketplace

As my practice grew and life got busier, it became harder and harder to do these very basic and important client connection pieces. It was time to outsource.

I went shopping for an outside nutrition newsletter service to keep connected with my clients. I found there was no such service through which I could customize a newsletter with my brand, that would also allow me to add in personal notes on what was going on in my business.

This is how the idea for my own customized nutrition newsletter business started.  My curiosity ate at me. Eventually, I got positive feedback from various healthcare businesses indicating their interest in a monthly newsletter customized with their brand, credible articles, and personal and pertinent notes for their clients.

That was 10 years ago, and now I have founded the full-time business, Customized Nutrition Newsletters, LLC. I am so thankful for my early learning experiences on the importance of building relationships with clients and being consistently visible to them! It was so valuable to me, and, now, I can offer this service to other health and nutrition practices.

I have met so many talented and good-hearted professionals during my years in business. I feel so fortunate to have been able to help them create a newsletter that represents them and their brand, that helps them look good and attract new clients, and that saves them a bundle of time.

Thank you for taking the time to read the story behind Customized Nutrition Newsletters! Now, let’s get working on creating the story of your business ;).

Yvette Quantz
CNN Founder