5 Simple Steps To Customize Your E-Newsletter

Why are newsletters so important for your business?

They are effective in increasing name-brand awareness since your name, picture and company info get directly into your audiences’ mailbox every month. Sending monthly customized nutrition newsletters are simple but yet very effective solution to connect with clients. They are a significant part of your marketing strategy and are an essential tool for client retention. They also help improve networking potentials and build your reputation as an industry expert. Newsletters have stronger referral power. Newsletters are so much better than other types of marketing since people tend to be less resistant to reading information as opposed to advertising.

Our ultimate goal…

is to help nutrition and other health professionals streamline their marketing efforts. We are passionate about continuing to provide a unique, time saving, customized solution for e-newsletters, and to educate and inspire readers.

Why make your own when you can gain access to hundreds of pre written Newsletter Templatesarticles you can integrate directly into your email newsletters? Creating top of mind awareness for your business is now as easy as 1-2-3.

While it’s important to appear consistent to your client, the problem is you don’t have much time nor resources to put this together. The use of this service, for a very reasonable fee, is the best solution.

Building a newsletter was never so simple! Select and order your articles for your newsletter together for no more than 15 minutes.

Follow these five simple steps to build your newsletter…

Step 1 Browse our Database

Step 2 Select the content

Step 3 Personalize

Step 4 Send to Mail Chimp

Step 5 Review and Deliver

Having second thoughts? Don’t worry you can start your 30 Day FREE Trial today!


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