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Customized Nutrition Newsletters is a turn key solution for busy health and wellness professionals who want to save hours every month but still want to provide valuable educational and inspirational content to their clients.

Time Saving

How It Works: There are 2 options for sending out your newsletter.

1.     You select from our extensive database of nutrition and health articles and recipes the ones you want to include.
2.     Use Customized Nutrition Newsletters Standard Nutrition or Inspired Living Newsletter of the Month. Every month we publish two new newsletter complete with an intro letter, main article, mini article, recipe and quote. These e-newsletters are ready to be used  This is where we provide each month a new newsletter which includes a nutrition hot topic of the month, , along with a recipe and inspirational quote. If you are super short on time – this is your best option.  Most clients say it takes only 15 minutes of their time a month.

For both options, once you have selected your newsletter content you can add in your own notes. Most clients like to add in a bit on what events are going on, new products and services, updates in their business and possibly a personal note connected to that month’s theme.

That’s it.Once you have selected your content and customized with your personal touches, you can preview and send to your Mail Chimp account.

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E-Marketing that Works

Part of attracting new clients is regularly being in front of potential clients with credible messages that express your uniqueness and have the look of your brand.

Before you send out your first newsletter we will spend time with you to create your very own newsletter template.  This includes your company logo, colors, style, and contact information. We want your newsletter template to have the look and feel of your practice.

Then every time your potential clients receive your newsletter it will have a consistent look that authentically communicates your business. We want you to bring in more business through creating a touch-point in the form of a newsletter that makes you look good and is something your clients look forward to receiving.


Our newsletter is a fabulous way to develop and strengthen your relationship with you current and potential clients.  I learned early on in my career how key a genuine relationship is in attracting clients.   A newsletter works because it is subtle and is a noninvasive way of keeping connected.

A regular newsletter that relays who you are, how you can help, and the services you provide, works wonders in connecting more strongly with potential customers.

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