Why the Email Newsletter Marketing is Not Dead?

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter is more relevant than ever before

Internet users are growing rapidly across the world and thousands of new email accounts are added every minute. There are around 5 billion email accounts and for many people, an email is still a preferred means of communication.

In such a scenario, one cannot assume that email marketing is dead. The fact is, email marketing is more relevant now than ever before. The only caveat is that it has taken on a new avatar.  The email newsletter is undergoing rapid changes in marketing technology, approach, target audience and positioning. You need to update your strategy as per the evolving electronic communication methodology.

Email Newsletter – A preferred mode of commercial communication 

Out of 5 billion email users, around 50% of them are business users or users who use email for their commercial communications. This fact puts an emphasis why email marketing could prove a powerful tool to promote a business.

Billions of emails are exchanged between adult individuals every minute and this improves the probability of an email reaching to a potential customer without a fail. With the emergence of the e-commerce industry, emails are the most common methods for luring customers with lucrative deals. Unlike any other communication, an email with an in-built link is more suitable to take a customer to the online marketplace to do a business.

Content Marketer’s Favorite

More than 80% content marketers prefer using email to reach their target audience. Even today, these marketers rank email as one of the most effective marketing tactics that can generate leads. After search marketing, email is often considered as the most generic lead generation technique to grow the business.

 email marketing

Depending on your target audience, you can plan your email marketing strategy to penetrate the ever-increasing internet users.

Email marketing is one of the primary channels that can drive a business by focusing on a direct communication that is specific and concise. For many marketers, email marketing is an effective tool that brings a positive ROI for their clients.

Email marketing is neither irrelevant nor it is going to be a dead strategy in the near future. With the changing technology, one needs to adopt the right methodology that can make the email marketing campaign razor sharp to cut through the clutter and achieve its business objective. Depending on your target audience, you can plan your email marketing strategy to penetrate the ever-increasing mobile internet users.

Create great content in Email Newsletter

Design your email newsletter to make it catchy, appealing, useful and significant. And you would have reached out to your audience in a more compelling manner than any other media can do. You are right in their inbox!

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