My headache inspired this nutrition e-newsletter service

Nutrition e-Newsletter

 I woke up early to work and one hour latter my head was pounding. I felt frustrated and flustered.

You see, I was doing a favor for someone who is not using Customized Nutrition Newsletter, and I was a little out of my comfort zone. After an hour of building, uploading, formatting, adjusting, editing, testing and more, the campaign was still not ready to be sent and my head was about to explode!

Not only was the task incomplete, but my unfinished work left me irritable as I moved on to wake up my kids and get them ready for their day.

My headache reminded me of my why.

This headache reminded me of my why. Why I went into the field of dietetics, fitness and nutrition and why I started Customized Nutrition Newsletters. My headache also reminded me why I am offering you a 30 day free trial to use Customized Nutrition Newsletters.

I like to feel good and perform well, in all areas of my life.

I know this is directly related to how I feed my mind and body. As a wellness expert yourself, you get this. The same principle of feeling and performing well also apply to how I like to run my business. Spending hours not being able to complete a task often leaves me with a headache and make me feel very frustrated. I don’t want to live like this. I don’t want to build a business like this. I do everything I can to live a headache free, minimally frustrated life…I have 2 kids and a dog (who just got into the trash and made a mess)…so please note I said minimally frustrated – it would be unrealistic if I said I NEVER get frustrated :).

This morning reminded me of my why.

I used to spend HOURS on content and formatting my newsletter.

This left me feeling unproductive and frustrated. This feeling of frustration became my WHY. I knew there had to be a solution that could help all busy health and wellness experts save time, while still connecting with their clients, this is why I created Customized Nutrition Newsletters.

You’re not designed to sit in front of a computer formatting, editing, uploading, resizing, re-uploading, re-centering, testing, retesting all day long.

If that’s what you were designed to do you would’ve studied IT or software development. But you didn’t.

You got into the wellness and nutrition business because you are passionate about healthy living and want to help people. You started your own business because you want to be in control of your destiny. You want to create your your income potential. You want to be in control of your schedule.

Ultimately, you want to create a brand that represents what you believe in.

You didn’t think your days a business owner would be spent behind a computer learning how many you’ll task that leaving you feeling unproductive and mentally exhausted.

If you can relate to this and you want to implement a way to stay connected with your clients on a regular basis please give Customize Nutrition Newsletters a try. It’s easy and for the first 30 days it’s free. If you don’t have one already, be sure to set up a Mail Chimp account, and it’s free for the first 2000 subscribers!

If you have used our service over the past five years, I invite you to come back and give us another try.

The past two years I have invested a lot of time and money into create a very unique and easy to use system. I have a team software developers that are just committed as I am to making this a seamless, easy, and time saving process.

30 Day Free Trial (1)

My headache is what inspired me to create this product for you.

Not getting that headache again is what will continue to fuel me in creating products and services that simplify how you run your business, so that you can stay connected with the clients you meet on a regular basis.  I don’t want you to be spending hours doing the tedious work. I want it to be seamless, but still represent you and  your brand.

In retrospect, I say thank you to my morning filled with headaches and frustration, you reminded me exactly why I do the work!


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