Healthy Content October: Vegetarian Awareness Month and Fall Into Fitness

Nutrition Newsletter Content for October Health and Wellness Awareness Month! Take a peek at the ready to use nutrition newsletter content for October! Content created for nutrition, health, and wellness professionals who want to share relevant information related to Health and Wellness Awareness Months or new research and trends in nutrition and wellness.

New Release Newsletter #1: Vegetarian Diet 101: The Fundamentals

Vegetarian Diet 101

Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice)

What are the nutritional implications for vegetarian eating? Many people are looking toward vegetarian diets for health reasons, to reflect an interest in the sustainability of food systems, or because of ethical concerns regarding the treatment of animals. With proper education and planning, it’s not difficult to eat a balanced vegetarian diet. 

In honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month, I’m giving the lowdown on what it means to be a vegetarian and how to nourish a strong and healthy body. I hope you enjoy this issue! 

  • Main Article: Vegetarian Diet 101: Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Mini Article: Vegan Essentials
  • Recipe of the Month: Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

New Release Newsletter #2: Fall Into Fitness

Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice) Fall Into Fitness

This month, I am sharing with you how to fall back into a good fitness routine! Have you ever been in a fitness funk?  You know, when you can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed (or off the couch) to move your body.  Maybe your fitness plan has become boring, or you need some new inspiration to keep on moving and grooving.  Maybe you just need a change of scenery, a new goal, or a new fitness routine. I hope you enjoy getting inspired to fall back into fitness.

As you renew your health and fitness goals, I am here to help! 

Additional Topics in Customized Nutrition Newsletters’ Library for October Include:

  • Foods Worth Falling For
  • Brain-Boosting Benefits of Exercise
  • Simple Ways to Fall Into Clean Eating
  • Cleaning Up Your Plate
  • Brain Food
  • 3 Hip Ways to Stay Sane
  • New Nutrition Facts Panel
  • 8 Foods that Fight Depression
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Nourishing the Fight
  • Foods that Fight Breast Cancer

  • The Essentials for Strong Bones

  • 7 Ways to Start Enjoying Food Again

  • Quick Food Fixes to Refuel

  • Fact Check Credibility

This content is designed to help you educate your community on seasonal topics as well as nutrition newsletter content for October Health and Wellness Awareness Month such as:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Vegetarian Awareness Month 

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Bone and Joint Health Action Week 

Each month we continue to add and update new content in our library! If you are looking for a time-saving solution to stay connected with your clients while providing credible nutrition information that educates and inspires, learn more at Customized Nutrition Newsletters.

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