10 Tips To Conquer the Holidays – Pack of 20


10 Tips on Conquering the Holidays

Message Reads:

10 Tips on Conquering the Holidays

(without Packing on the Pounds)

1 Be a food snob. Choose to eat what you only REALLY enjoy!

2 Make your workout efficient, and be consistent. If you only have 20-30 minutes to get something done, then make it effective by doing intervals and changing up the intensity.

3 include a fruit or vegetable serving at every snack or meal.

4 Skip the sugary alcoholic beverages and fancy coffee drinks.

5 Serve yourself off a mini sized plate.

6 Avoid going to a holiday party or meal starving, eat something small before you go to help ward off hunger.

7 Avoid sitting or socializing near buffet tables, candy dishes, and cookie platters.

8 Excuse yourself from the table when you are finished eating.

9 Keep gum and sugarless breath mints on hand to help prevent mindless nibbling.

10 Enjoy club soad or sparkling water before/instead of a cocktail to limit alcohol consumption.

Happy Holidays

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