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Customized Nutrition Newsletters offers you a time saving solution to implement a newsletter into your business and stay consistent in sending out on a regular basis. We make it easy and totally customized for your business!  All newsletters are branded with your logo, headshot, social media links, about section, and contact information.  Each month we create an information packed nutrition and health newsletter that is customized for you.   You are then in control!  You can edit, remove, and replace any content that is not inline with your nutrition and health philosophies.  To make things even easier for you, we will pre-schedule your email to go out about 2 weeks before the scheduled date, giving you adequate time to make any additional edits or customize the send date and time to better fit your unique audience. Each newsletter contains:
  • Introductory letter from the professional (you can either use our pre-written letter or write your own note!)
  • Main article (usually themed around time of year and health trends)
  • Mini article (something to either compliment the main article or give additional piece of information)
  • Recipe of the month
  • Quote of the month
  • Uniquely designed Foodspiration tip
  • News and Events section that you can then edit each issue to highlight what is going on in your business
  • Additional section to add your own articles, books, or promotions!
If during the process of building your newsletter you ever need help, contact us and we will help! All you need to do to get started set up your own Mail Chimp account and then select the plan that is best for your business needs! If you do not already have have a Mail Chimp account, click here to get started http://eepurl.com/wd7Ov.  Mail Chimp offers FREE accounts for the fist 2000 subscribers! Next select the newsletter service option that best fits your business and marketing needs!

How It Works:

Each month we create a Customized Nutrition Newsletter to help you educate and inspire your clients to a healthier life. The topics of our newsletter vary from month to month and usually themed with current research, hot topics, trends, and time of year. Every newsletter is customized with the business logo, social media links, and bio. We have three uniquely designed templates that can be customized with one of the designer color palettes. Additional customized features are available for a separate fee. Each section of the newsletter is designed to be customized with the following information:
  • Personalized introductory letter. Share a personal note with your readers on what is going on in your business and a little bit about what the newsletter will educate and inspire them on. For an even greater time saving solution, we always include an updated introductory letter, customized with your headshot and signature. You have the option to modify as needed.
  • Featured article of the month. Educate your readers on the newest research in nutrition or inspire them to eat more mindfully with one of our customized nutrition newsletter articles. If the featured article of the month does not fit your target audience, simply log into our system and select a new article!
  • “Mini” Article. This article is usually a compliment to the main article, or will share another topic to educate and reach a wider audience base. Shorter than the main article, the “mini” articles are packed with valuable information and graphics to keep your readers interest!
  • News and Events Section. We understand the importance of marketing and promoting what is going on in your business and what better way to do this than in your newsletter? Every newsletter template is designed with a section dedicated to sharing what is going on in your business! Don’t have anything to share? We will help you come up with a standard promotional piece to market your services!
  • Recipe of the Month: We have never meet a subscriber that does not like being inspired by new recipes for the kitchen! Each month we include a fresh and healthy recipe to keep your readers anticipating what you will share. Recipes can easily be interchanged for your target audience and business philosophies.
  • Quote of the Month: We keep it short and sweet with words that inspire success.
  • Foodspiration: These are unique and exclusive to the businesses that use Customized Nutrition Newsletters. Foodspirations are inspirational tips to help people live a healthier life, with a focus on food, nutrition, and healthy habits. All Foodspirations have their own unique graphic design and style.
Now that you understand what each newsletter includes, here are the details on how our service works:
  • By the 15th of every month the new “standard” newsletter will be in your Mail Chimp account and scheduled to go out by the first Tuesday of the month.
  • You will have approximately 2 weeks to log into your Mail Chimp account and make any edits or modifications to your current newsletter.
  • Edits or modifications include but are not limited to: changing out articles, images, editing content, adding in business news and events, as well as scheduling your campaign to send at a different time and date than originally scheduled.
  • You have complete access and control over your own Mail Chimp account, therefore you can schedule additional campaigns throughout the month.
  • The frequency in which you receive your “Customized Nutrition Newsletter” will depend on the plan you choose.
  • Billing is done on a monthly basis (unless you are sending newsletters once a quarter).
  • There are no contracts or set up fees.