REFINE 10 Week On-line Coaching Program


Week 1: REFINE® Your Foundation for Success 

Week 2: REFINE® Movement and Exercise 

Week 3: REFINE® The Balance in Your Menus: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats 

Week 4: REFINE® Mindless Eating and Embrace Mindful Eating              

Week 5: REFINE® The Clutter in Your Life

Week 6: REFINE® The Preparation Process in the Kitchen (and other areas of life)       

Week 7: REFINE® Yes and No Response to Food and Self-Care  

Week 8: REFINE® Your Eating Awareness

Week 9: REFINE® The Thought Processes and Self-Talk

Week 10: Your Turn to REFINE®

Bonus: REFINE® The Momentum to Keep Moving Forward 

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Program Description

Are you looking for more programs and services to offer your clients that offers results! Results not only for your client but also results to the bottom line of your business.

A 10 week online nutrition course, REFINE®, customized and branded for your business! A complete done for you online coaching program, ready to be customized with your personal touch!

Here is a little overview of the program:

  • 4 – pre-written marketing and sales e-mails helping to entice and inspire clients
  • Pre-designed slides for a pre-sale webinar,  to help increase sales
  • 10 week online nutrition coaching program created to generate revenue for your business.
  • Weekly lessons and daily emails already created for you! A different theme each week of how to educate and inspire participants . Ways to interact with participants that keep you engaged, but does not require hours of time on the computer!  
  • Daily emails created and ready to be delivered into your all sent to your Mail Chimp. All content can be customized and personalized for your audience.


  • Marketing calendar designed to help you stay on task with your sales and promoting strategy
  • Full PDF document of program so you can have the lessons on hand for your purchase
  • Recorded teleseminars hosted by Yvette with transcripts to show how to host your weekly group teleseminars
  • Branded video to share on social media outlets and in program to entice and inspire sign up
  • 3 group calls with Yvette, 1 prior to the launch, 2 weeks into your launch, and one during week 8 to answer any questions or concerns your group may have