3 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

If increasing your social community, e-mail list, and overall brand awareness is part of your plan, then this post is for you…

1. Provide value.
Providing value does not mean you are “giving away” all of your content, instead share how your expertise and experience can solve the greatest problem your clients are facing. Sharing content that is both educational and inspirational will help build you and your business as the go to expert in your community. A few simple ideas to provide value to your community and attract new clients is:

2. Stay in front of your target audience.
As the old saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind.” This is true for any business. If you do not stay in front of your customers and ideal clients then they¬†will forget about you and the services you provide. Create top of the mind awareness of your business with:


3. Appeal to the visual senses.
Graphics that are both visually appealing and easy to read are important when working to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Graphics are also more likely to be shared than content alone. When creating graphics be sure to include your business logo to help increase brand visibility.

A few tools to help brand your images include:

Pic Monkey

You can create images from scratch or upload our images from the Foodspiration social media pack and overlay your logo in the right corner.

If you are looking for easy solutions to increase your brand awareness, be sure to check out our pre-made newsletter content, and social media memes. All of our content is designed to be branded for your business and we continue to look for new ways to do this.

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