Reach your Customers with February Health and Wellness Marketing Planner

February Health and Wellness Planner

February Health and Wellness Planner

February is filled with ways to spread your love for nutrition and healthy living not only on Valentine’s Day, but by celebrating American Heart Month, National Cancer Prevention Month, National Almond Day, National Walk the Dog Day and much more!

Being in the nutrition, health and wellness profession, this is the month for you to connect with your customers on these topics. Providing valuable nutritional information and realistic lifestyle tips to help them achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

This month we are excited to release February’s edition of the Customized Newsletter Planner.

In this February Health Planner we break down all the important health and wellness awareness days to keep your content interesting and relevant.

Worried about how to create diverse newsletter content targeting different events of the February month?

Are you lacking the time or energy to create informative content to share with your clients through email marketing?

Don’t worry! We understand how busy life can be for wellpreneurs. Whether you are a registered dietitian nutritionist, health coach, physician office manager, gym owner or fitness experts, have easy made solutions for you and your business!

We have prepared this free February Health Planner download wherein you will find February broken down by what is being celebrated or observed during the month as well as day by day breakdown. You can use this detailed, all-inclusive guide to help plan the content that you can send to your nutrition newsletter marketing list, post on your blog, as well as share in social media outlets.

In the month of February, we celebrate:

  • American Heart Month
  • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
  • National Cancer Prevention Month
  • Wise Health Consumer Month
  • Black History Month
  • Great American Pie Month
  • Bake for Family Fun Month
  • Cherry Month
  • Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Chocolate Lovers Month
  • Potato Lover’s Month

During this week, we celebrate: (same here)

  • Cardiac Rehab Week (Feb 5 – Feb 11)
  • National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week (February 12 -18th)
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 12- 18th)
  • Pancake Week (Feb 12 – Feb 18)
  • Eating Disorders Awareness Week(Feb 26 – Mar 4).

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? As a nutritionist, and health and wellness coach; provide your customers with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle through nutritious diet and exercise as the best weapon to fight against cardiovascular disease.

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Download your February Health and Wellness Planner

Not only do we provide this free guide to map out your month, we also have affordable and easy to use pre-written content ready for your e-newsletter or social media accounts.

Here are just a few topics in our newsletter database that many of our customers use in February:

  • Nutrition Newsletters: 6 Tips to Decrease Added Sugar for A Healthier Heart
  • Inspired Living Newsletter: Body Kindness
  • Mediterranean Diet for A Healthy Heart
  • Slash the Sugar, Slash the Salt
  • Foods That Change Your Heart
  • National Heart Month

And if you are trying to increase your overall social media brand and following, check out our pre-designed social media bundles ready to be branded with your logo and shared in your community!

  • Social Media Bundle
  • Nutrition and Fitness Mini Pack
  • Inspired Living Mini Pack

It is time to share your love for nutrition and healthy living! Download your copy of February Health and Wellness Marketing Planner!

Use this informative guide to inspire your blog, nutrition newsletters, and social media posts.

Our tools help you reach and engage your existing and potential customers with valuable nutrition and healthy living content.

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