Holiday E-Mail Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

Holiday E-Mail tips

Holiday E-Mail Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

Email marketing is one of the best tool for any health-related businesses, as it can help to keep in touch with your customers. With the forthcoming holidays, I think it would be a perfect time for me to share some of Holiday E-Mail tips especially with you.

1. Promote your best offers

Your subject lines are important. Holiday NewsletterCustomize your message and be specific about the promotions you are offering this holiday season. Highlight the programs, products and services your health and wellness center is offering exclusively during the holiday season.

Give your fitness clients some exciting gifts. For example, complementary training sessions, gift certificate, free shipping, or a holiday coupon.

2. Send a holiday gift guide

While our clients are in the festive mood during the holidays, it is also a stressful time for them. Wellness Newsletter IdeasThe hectic schedule with all that activities such as shopping, partying and traveling. In the health and fitness field, it is necessary to try to keep our clients on track.

Fill them with enthusiasm and a lot of positivity. Send them the ultimate gift guide. Use this opportunity to show off your own affordable products. Help them find the perfect and affordable gifts which can be bought directly from your store. This is a brilliant way to entice people to visit your store and see all the great products they can buy for their loved ones this holiday.

3. Say thanks

Customers are already used to in receiving boring and redundant automated email messages. Customized Fitness NewsletterTraditional thank you e-mails go like this… your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth.

Now, let’s make it sound more personal and sincere. Use the holiday season as your opportunity to let people know that you are grateful for their support. Saying a simple thanks can help humanize your business. This also allows you to make a more personal connection with your valued consumers.

Seasonal Greetings with Customized Nutrition Newsletter4. Use holiday message to draw people to social media

Get your customers’ holiday spirit alive by sending updated imageries with seasonal theme. You can actually do it yourself without asking help from a graphic designer. There are many sites which offer plenty of ready-made images such as Canva. But you can also achieve the same effect by using PowerPoint.

Grab this opportunity to encourage people to connect with you in social media. Use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat; and ask people to share your message with their friends and followers.

Promotion of Customized Nutrition Newsletters5. Promote your upcoming activities

If you don’t have much to offer to your customers this holiday but has an ultimate plan for 2017, you can use the holidays to advertise and market your upcoming activities. Encourage people to sign up in advance. Use an online registration to make it easier for your audiences.

Feature your health and fitness clubs’ special offers and promotions for the New Year and gain members before another year starts.

Holiday Nutrition Newsletter6. Share a story

This holiday, share a story about how you celebrate holidays with your family. Adding a personal touch to your newsletter creates a bond between you and your readers. Post this story in the social media as well.

Encourage your audiences to share their own story in your Facebook page and offer a prize for those who can share the most wonderful story this holiday.

Last Minute Emails by Customized Nutrition Newsletter7. Send a “Last Minute” email

Send a personal email to your customers reminding them that your store or clinic offer some affordable gifts which are specially made for the holiday season. Ask them to choose an item through your website and have them delivered free of charge.

Get ready to connect with and inspire your current, former, and future clients with these done for you Healthy Holiday bonus blast and social media memes!

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