How to Use Holiday Bonus Blast & Social Media Memes?

We are receiving one common question from the users on how they can use the Holiday Bonus Blast and what kind of content does it contain? Secondly, whether it can be customized as per their clients and audience needs.Health, Nutrition content for Email Marketing

The Holiday Bonus Blast are special messages written for the holiday season – holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) We have 4 pre-written messages for each holiday – you can select the message you want and then you are free to customize the content with additional content as needed.

You would use the holiday bonus blast as a special touch point in your business to share a message of gratitude with your clients or send an e-mail wishing a healthy holiday reminding them that you are out there as their nutrition expert.


How and Why to send Holiday messages?

Have you tried sending holiday messages to your clients yet? If not, you better have to start now. Now is the ideal time to begin your holiday marketing campaign- grow your followers, boost sales and increase engagement. Ensure your holiday messages are jolly and bright. Here are the five tips on how to make use of holiday messages as part of your holiday promotion.

1. Say thanks
Sharing a message of gratitude with your clients or sending an email wishing a healthy holiday help to remind them that you are out there as their nutrition expert. Use the holidays to say thanks to your loyal customers and give them the gift of health- a healthy holiday guide or some healthy holiday recipes.

2. Add a personal touch
Add a personal note and try to evoke an emotional response in your client’s heart and mind. This is your chance to tell your clients that you’re sincerely hoping that they have an enjoyable holiday. Make your emails more welcoming by addressing subscribers by their first names. Try to make it just look like from a friend. Using personalized subject lines are effective as well. It has proven to have a higher open rate compared with non-personalized emails. Pique a reader’s interest by adding this personal touch in your holiday messages.

3. Avoid too many promotional emails
This is not the perfect time to try to sell to your audience. Forget the sale, it’s enough already. Promotional emails during the holidays most probably will never be touched. I’m serious, skip the salesy emails for once. Show them that you care about them too. Try doing little things like wishing them happy holidays instead of promoting your products and services.

4. Dazzle your messages with holiday cheer
Deliver some cheer this holiday season. Brighten other people’s day by sending a holiday e-blast. It is a great way to wish all of your contacts well for the holidays. Check out our Foodspirations line of e-cards that can be customized for your business. Remember that holiday newsletter your Mom used to write for family and friends you may have lost touch with throughout the year? Send out a cheerful holiday newsletter to all of people in your list. Include an update of your company’s success for the previous years and maybe a sneak peek for the New Year. Encourage your contacts to respond and share their happy memories from the past year.

5. Offer online deals
Add value this holiday season by offering online deals to your clients. One of the easiest ways is to offer free shipping until the December holidays. Aside from traditional discounts, you can you can also reward your loyal customers by adding a bonus prize, like a coupon or a gift certificate.Email Newsletters & Social Media Content for Health Professionals

Sending healthy holiday messages are simple but, yet very effective solution to connect with clients this holiday season. However, you don’t have enough time nor resources to make these on your own. Worry no more! Customized Nutrition Newsletters offers a ready to use solution! We are passionate about providing a unique, time saving, customized solution for our clients. The use of this service, for a very reasonable fee, is the key in creating top of mind awareness for you and your business these holidays. Get ready to connect with and inspire your current, former, and future clients with these done for you Healthy Holiday bonus blast and social media memes!

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