Create Email Sign Up Form

How to create email sign up form for your website using  your Customized Nutrition Newsletters Campaign Account

One of the features of being a Customized Nutrition Newsletters Campaign User is providing done for your content as well as solutions to help you grow your list.

Having an email opt-in form on your website is an important business practice that helps capture contact information (e-mail, name, etc.) of the people visiting your site who are interested in your services.

A sign-up form on your website gives both clients and potential clients a way to subscribe and stay connected with you and receive business updates.

When using our service, here are the steps to create your email sign up form: 
  1. Creating a Sign Up FormCreate Sign Up Form
    • Set up basic information such as form name, list subscribers will be added to, and notifications
  2. Design Sign Up Form
    Design Set Up Form

    • Basic design features include: adding an image to the header, customize and style background color, border, font, and button
    • For the html savvy user, customization features are endless
  3. Thank You Message Thank you message
    • Create and personalize a thank you message to your new subscribers, this is a great time to remind them they will be receiving an email to confirm their subscription
    • Option to include link to a landing page instead of thank you message
  4. Confirmation Confirmation Email
    • Using a double opt in process helps to ensure that who you are sending to has requested email communications from you
    • The double opt-in process is recommended to protect your email reputation
  5. Welcome Message Welcome Email
    • Send a welcome email or share your free download

Submitting an email address to the signup form initiates the subscription process. There are additional features that can be done to customize the user experience including:

An email sign up form can be used to create: 
  • Customizing a welcome message
  • Sharing an e-book or download
  • Re-direct to a landing page
  • Invite new prospects to engage on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Remind the recipient of the type of information they will be receiving

Always follow best practices for obtaining contacts, before implementing any new marketing strategy to grow your list. 


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