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 #1: Immune Boosting Protein?

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Now more than ever, a nutritious and balanced diet is essential. I’ve written about the need to increase your fruit and vegetable intake to promote a healthy immune system, but what about protein? 
Protein is your body’s building block for muscle and amino acid formation. Known for its metabolic boosting benefits as well as increasing satiety, and preserving lean muscle mass, protein also helps to fight infections. Your immune system actually depends on protein to build and repair muscle tissue and cells, including white blood cells. 
White blood cells are your primary defense against infection. Your body is constantly regenerating new white blood cells, and with a virus, your body needs to increase your white blood cell count. To increase your body’s white blood cell count, it needs protein. Your immune system depends on protein to keep it healthy and strong. Needless to say, this is not the time to skimp on protein. 
This month I’m sharing three of my favorite delicious, nutritious, and cheap foods to boost protein, along with recipes to inspire new meal creations. 
  • Main Article: Delicious, Nutritious, and Cheap Ways to Boost Protein
  • Mini Article: Building a Healthy Plate: Easy Protein-Packed Snacks
  • Recipe:
  • Recipe of the Month: Make-Ahead Mediterranean Egg Casserole by Eggland’s Best

New Release Newsletter #2: HALT

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With extra downtime and limitation on what and where you can go, you may find yourself opening the fridge or looking in the pantry for no particular reason. Maybe you’re bored, sad, frustrated, happy, or exhausted. Regardless, eating to manage emotions is an unhealthy habit, and over time can lead to unwanted pounds, especially during this time of quarantine. 
This month I want to inspire you to HALT before grabbing another handful of chips, opening the fridge for another snack, or searching the pantry for a sweet treat. 
  • Main Article: HALT
  • Mini Article: Tips for HALTing
  • Recipe of the Month: Make-Ahead Mediterranean Egg Casserole by Eggland’s Best

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