Find Your Why and Show Up in Your Practice: Podcast Interview

Learn (or re-learn) to find your why and show up in your practice in this podcast interview. Customized Nutrition Newsletters’s founder, Yvette Quantz talks with a registered dietitian, AdrienPaczosa, in her Fearless Practitioner Podcast. She talked about all things related to the importance of showing up in your practice, hard work, and staying in alignment with your values.

Adrien & Yvette are both passionate nutrition entrepreneur and knows what it’s like to run their own practice and see clients.

In this interview, you will get a close up look at not only how these two nutrition rock stars approach their business, but also life!

“Make sure you are doing things that are in alignment with your values and the way you want to practice. Show up for yourself and the work you believe in. Show up for the hard stuff!.” ~ Yvette

Being in private practice might not be as glamorous as you thought & THIS is work, yet it is all so worth it when you are working in alignment with YOUR VALUES! @yvettequantz @AdrienPaczosa #FearlessPractitioners #Podcast

Listen to this podcast interview to not only find your why and show up in your practice but also discover:
  • The journey of how Yvette found a unique niche and developed Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspirations to serve Dietitians.
  • How she realized the importance of staying connected by continuing to work 1:1 with clients in private practice alongside her online business.
  • The importance of understanding what energizes you, getting clear on what your vision is, and why you are going after it.

Listen to the full episode here: Fearless Practitioners Podcast – Showing Up in your Practice

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About is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian practicing in Austin, Texas and the surrounding counties.

She is the founder of Fearless Practitioners, the division of her business that offers training to dietitians and wellness professionals and I Live Well Nutrition her Dietitian practice started in 2007.  In 2015  Adrien launched Fearless Practitioners to help other Dietitians and Wellness Professionals build and grow their own private practices.

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