Rich Text vs Plain Text Emails


“Email is showing up as riche text below. if I get an email in rich text, I usually have an option to change to HTML.  Can you help?” 

Yes -when you send a test message it will always be in HTML and rich text (if the rich text was copied and pasted onto the text portion)

To easily create a text version of an HTML email design, insert the content in the HTML Email editor into the Plain Text Email editor.

When inserting content from the HTML Email editor, we remove or convert any content that isn’t supported by the plain text format. For example, HTML email designs can include several types of links that are represented by text or images. Plain text email designs can include only the text representation of the link destination (for example,

You may need to finetune the initial plain text email design. For example, you may want to add text or a link in the plain text email design where an image appears in the HTML version. Similarly, you may want to add line returns to better space paragraphs and sections in the plain text email design.

To reduce the amount of time spend editing the plain text email design, try to complete the HTML email design before generating its plain text version.

Steps to insert a plain text email design from the HTML Email editor

After you have built your HTML Email Editor, select Next and this will take you to the Plain Text Email Editor

In the Plain Text Email editor, click the Insert tool.

  1. If the Plain Text Email editor contains content, click OK to replace it with the new version.

*When sending test message, both HTML and Plain Text Version will be sent.

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