Ready to Use Nutrition Newsletter Content: July
June 30, 2020

Sneak Peak of Ready to Use Nutrition Newsletter Content for July 

New Release Newsletter #1: Quick Food Fixes to Refuel Any Palette

Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice)

It’s no secret that 2020 has been challenging. If it were a sports game, it would be the toughest g....

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Healthy Content Sneak Peek: Immune Boosting Protein
May 1, 2020

Content Sneek Peek: 
 #1: Immune Boosting Protein?
Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice) 
Now more than ever, a nutritious and balanced diet is essential. I’ve written about the need to increase your fruit and vegetable intake to promote a healthy immune system, but wha....

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Rich Text vs Plain Text Emails
April 20, 2020


“Email is showing up as riche text below. if I get an email in rich text, I usually have an option to change to HTML.  Can you help?” 

Yes -when you send a test message it will always be in HTML and rich text (if the rich text was copied and pasted onto the text portion)

To easily ....

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Kiwi Connect Q&A: How to Add Add Subscribers
March 28, 2020

Upload From A File
The file from which you want to upload contact information is referred to as the contacts file. This file must be a supported file type. For information about requirements for the file and its contents, see Add and Build Contacts Overview.
Preparing Your Data
Contact information must be in....

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Adding Contacts to Newsletter List 101
March 3, 2020

How to add and import contacts to your nutrition newsletter list Customized Nutrition Newsletters’s Kiwi Connect platform


Adding Contacts Manually to Newsletter Account: 
Use this method when you receive information for one or two contacts at a time. You can also use this method when contac....

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Newsletter Healthy Content for March: National Nutrition Month
February 26, 2020

NEW Nutrition Newsletter Healthy Content release for March: National Nutrition Month

March New Release Newsletter #1: What’s In Your Bite?
Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice) 
March is National Nutrition Month, and this year’s theme is taking things back to basics a....

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February Nutrition E-Newsletter Release
January 25, 2020

NEW Nutrition E-Newsletter Healthy Content release for February:

Intermittent Fasting 101 & 4 Foods to Fuel Healthy Sleep 
February Newsletter New Content Release #1: Intermittent Fasting
Intro: (sample, users can customize and edit to fit their practice) 
The Intermittent Fasting (“IF) ea....

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January Newsletter Content Release
December 31, 2019

Our two NEW Nutrition Newsletter Content release for January includes:

Modern Day Diet Disasters & 4 Foods to Fuel Healthy Sleep

January Newsletter New Content Release #1: Modern Day Diet Disasters
Intro: (sample of what’s included, users have the ability to customize and edit to fit their pra....

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Health and Wellness Social Media Post: Holiday Edition
November 26, 2019

Ready to Use Health and Wellness Social Media Post: Holiday Edition

Designed for the savvy nutrition entrepreneur looking to connect, educate and inspire others.

Created because the savvy nutrition entrepreneur knows time is the most valuable resource. That’s why Customized Nutrition Newsletters was starte....

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Creating Stellar Holiday Marketing Campaigns
November 15, 2019

When it comes to the holidays, we almost expect companies to reach out to us with their special holiday marketing campaigns and offers. And as a wellness expert, the holiday season is the perfect time to start re-engaging with clients or enticing new clients to start working with you.

But in the web world filled with i....

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